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    This website allows you to explore the history of the College and browse recent exhibitions. Look up notable Australian ophthalmologists and see video clips of memories. For the quirky, the section of "Curiosities" under the Resources tab is fascinating and you may wish to add a contribution to this section. Valuable catalogues and technical data on ophthalmic instruments are found in "Resources" The site is being continually updated with new material that has been catalogued and photographed. Ophthalmologists have also allowed us to exhibit material from their private collections for which we are most grateful. Donations or loans of material to exhibit allow all to share our rich ophthalmic heritage.

    David Kaufman, Curator, 0411023028 dvkaufman91@gmail.com

    This website and ongoing museum and archives support has been made possible thanks to Dr Charles Neville Banks (1938 – 2010). Neville was Chair of the College's Archives Committee for several years and frequently worked on the archives at the College office where he was highly regarded and respected by the staff. We thank him for his generous contribution.


The Museum started as a small collection of discarded instruments by Dr Geoffrey Serpell in 1959. Dr Ken Howsam contributed a major collection from RVEEH. Dr Jim Martin, as Curator (1999-2011), extensively catalogued the collection. Dr David Kaufman has curated the collection since 2011. Online access to the Museum enables users search and browse the collection, as well as gain access to additional content such as:

  • Narratives
  • Powerpoint presentations
  • Audio
  • Video
  • Past exhibitions and
  • Access to other museum collections.

The collection is stored at a dedicated Museum storage facility at Latrobe University Melbourne. There is a display at the RANZCO College office in Sydney. At the annual RANZCO Scientific Congress, there is an extensive museum display, including contributed historical posters.

The RANZCO Museum collection includes:

  • Artwork
  • Archival collections from the early 20th century
  • Ophthalmic diagnostic and therapeutic instruments from late 19th century
  • Pathology instruments
  • Rare books from the 18th century, and
  • Journals from early 20th century.

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History Of RANZCO

Seventy years of professionalism and tradition.

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  • 1939
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  • 78 Years