RANZCO Eye Museum



Collection of Diagnostic

  • Transilluminator Eye C1960

    Cylindrical transilluminator with curved pointed tip. Power lead attached to the base,which attaches to a transformer. In a black case. Inscription: COLDLITE (on case). Property of Dr W Deane-Butcher

  • Corneal Aesthesiometer

    Retractable bristle aesthesiometer, for measuring the tactile sensitivity of the cornea. Graduated handle indicates length of bristle. Printed conversion scale attached.

  • Anterior Chamber Optical Measure C1970

    Optical anterior chamber measure, an accessory to a Haag Streit slit lamp. Inscription: HAAG STREIT. Donated by Prof H Taylor.

  • Scrapers, Corneal Epithelium X 3

    3 models of Scrapers for removing corneal epithelium, as part of research project for isolating Herpes Simplex, in a glass test tube. Used by Dr I R Robertson & Dr K G Howsam.

  • Carrier Cotton Wool 1966

    Fine metal probe with metal handle. Used by Dr I R Robertson & Dr K G Howsam, as part of a research project relating to the recovery of Herpes Simplex Virus from corneal lesions

  • Microscope Corneal Czapski

    Microscope with 2 sets eye pieces – one marked 2, one labelled 17x. 3 sets obiectives – one set incomplete. Ulbrick’s graduated drum. Inscription: Carl Zeiss, Jena. N 2333. Thought to have been used at RVEEH. Instruction manaul available in “Resources” in the museum home page.

  • Microscope Corneal Czapski C1920

    Microscope with 2 pair eyepieces 15mm, 10 x. Inscription: Carl Zeiss, Jena. No 1778. From Dr Ian Robertson. Probably purchased for Dr Spring Snr. nstruction manaul available in “Resources” in the museum home page.

  • Csapski Microscope

    Binocular corneal microscope with track adjustment. Mounted on a wood block for display. Owned and modified by Dr G Sutherland. From the Dr G Sutherland estate.