RANZCO Eye Museum


RANZCO Eye Museum rebrands to grow

  • 5/11/2021 RANZCO Eye Museum rebrands to grow

    To describe its focus more accurately, the RANZCO Museum has updated its name to the RANZCO Eye Museum.

    The RANZCO Eye Museum is one of the world’s leading online medical history museums specialising in the colourful history, personalities, and technologies of ophthalmology.

    The Curator of the museum is Dr David Kaufman.

    As part of this rebranding, a new logo has been developed which features the RANZCO colour palate and the eye of Horus which is a historical image that is used in the College’s coat of arms.

    The new name and logo is currently being rolled out across the online museum and promotional material between now and the end of the year.

    The rebranding is a key element of a 3 phase growth plan which is designed to first make the RANZCO Eye Museum easy to find and use, secondly generate more and repeat local and international visitors and build contacts with other online museums, and thirdly add new content and new ways to display and interact with collections.

    “The Museum is also being continually updated with new presentations,” added Dr Kaufman.