RANZCO Eye Museum



The Evil Eye
Silver and Copper in Ophthalmology
Dr Robert Machemer: The Father of Vitrectomy
Pre1980s Glaucoma Pharmacotherapy
Otto Haab (1850-1931)
The Father of Modern Cataract Surgery: Ignacio Barraquer
The History of Contact Lenses
The History of Atropine
Dr Frank Flynn
Vladimir Filatov
Charles Schepens
History of keratoplasty
The art of gonioscopy
Andrew Sexton Gray
Elliot of Madras
Evolution of glaucoma surgical techniques
Development of Bevacisumab – Avastin
Quack therapy devices – video
McAllister Collection – Eye bath & undine – video
History of Uveitis
Spectacles in Art
Helmholtz Ophthalmoscope
History of the Optometer
History of the Opthalmoscope
History Symposium 2021 Video
A spectacular history of spectacles – Monica Hu
George Bartisch – Renaissance author of ‘Ophthalmodouleia’
Ophthalmic Knives
Andrew Sexton Gray
Light a candle – Al Mackay
50 Years Museum
RANZCO Museum Night 2020 – Full Zoom Presentation
Eye Disease in the Indigenous Australian Population after European Settlement 1778
Von Graefe Knife – Taking the Eyes Out of the Cloud
Sir James Barrett – A Life of Service
Ridley’s Intraocular Lens
Outstanding Women in Ophthalmology
Origins of the First Extracapular Cataract Extraction – The Legacy of Jacques Daviel
Intracapsular Surgery of Cataract – Cryo Extraction
Evolution of the Slit-lamp Biomicroscope
Early Ophthalmic Knives for Cataract Surgery
Colonel Henry Smith and the Smith-Indian Technique
A Spectacular History of Spectacles
Mustard Gas Use In World War 1
Dame Ida Mann
The 1920 Consulting Room
Kevin O’Day Histology Slides
Claude Monet’s Cataracts
The History Of The Castroviejo Twin Knife
Evolution Of Retinal Surgery
Eye Baths
Antique Spectacles
The Discovery Of Phenylketonuria Recorded In Museum Paintings Of Patients Fundi
Eye Surgeons And Surgery In New Zealand
Uveitis 1940
Cataract Couching
Corneal Transplantation And Eye Banking In Australia
Sutherland Instruments
Jules Gonin And His Cautery
The History Of Amblyopia Treatment
History Of Prosthetic Eyes
Blood Letting And The Use Of Leeches
Medical Artist – Ilene Hill
The Molecular Biography Of John Dalton
IPad Use And Apps